Institute of Advanced International Studies

Institute of Advanced International Studies

    The Institute of Advanced International Studies (IAIS) is an independent, nonprofit international and interdisciplinary research institute within the University of World Economy and Diplomacy (UWED) in Uzbekistan. Founded on July 23rd 2022, IAIS is dedicated to creating space for developing research on sundry challenges of international studies. We are guided by a distinct set of values- independent thought, innovative and critical thinking, cross-disciplinary scholarship, contributing to science, professionalism, integrity and transparency. IAIS’s values work in concert toward the aim of conducting substantial and thought provoking research. IAIS researchers bring their academic excellence, policy expertise, judgment, and robust networks to their interdisciplinary research, analysis and recommendations. IAIS organizes publish, lecture, conferences, and make media appearances that aim to increase the knowledge, awareness and salience of burning policy issues with policy makers, scholars and the interested public.

    IAIS is committed to excellence and influence through its focus on:

    • Cross-disciplinary Research
      IAIS conducts fundamental and applied research on Afghanistan and South Asia, Asia-Pacific region, European and American studies, current global development, energy geopolitics, economic diplomacy, international law, challenges of sustainable development, and anthropology and conflict studies.
    •  Recommendations to Critical Challenges
      IAIS is driven to study the current real-world problems of international relations, world economy, international law, and regional studies.
    • Analysis with Scientific Rigor
      IAIS is pledged to systematically provide scientific-methodological and information-analytical aspects of real-word challenges of international studies. It also prepares information-analytical and forecasting documents and recommendations for policymakers and the interested public

    Research in IAIS covers 9 key areas of international studies:

    • Center for Sustainable Development;
    • Center for Energetic Geopolitics;
    • Center for Economic Diplomacy;
    • Center for International Law Studies;
    • Laboratory for Anthropology and Conflict Studies;
    • Center for Asia-Pacific Regional Studies;
    • Center for European Studies;
    • Center for American Studies;
    • Center for Afghanistan and South Asian Studies.