UWED Development Fund was established on the basis of Presidential Decree №474 on September 23, 1992 "Creation of UWED" and in accordance with UWED Charter. The founder of the fund is UWED.

The Foundation was formed to carry out further UWED development and assist the University effective implementation of ensuring the functions of training and retraining in the world economy, international relations, diplomacy, international law, as well as the conduct and implementation of fundamental, applied and innovative research and projects in these areas.

The main objective of the Foundation is to contribute to the financing of:

  • research and publication of teaching aids, scientific papers;
  • organizing and conducting conferences, exhibitions, parades, festivals, presentations;
  • foreign internships, practical training of students of various forms of training and retraining of faculty, UWED staff;
  • economic incentives for students to study and work of faculty and staff;
  • expansion of the material and technical base of the University;
  • acquisition of educational, scientific and educational literature, subscriptions to periodicals, as well as the development of information infrastructure, the introduction of new information technologies;
  • projects for the promotion and wider use of the intellectual property of their legal protection;
  • other tasks.