Since the establishment of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy in 1992, the departments of "German language", "French language" and "World languages" have been formed. According to the decision of the Academic Council of the UWED on October 25, 2008, these departments were merged in to a one single department of “Roman-German Languages”.

Today, the following languages are taught:

  • German language (as first and secondary foreign language)
  • French language (as first and secondary foreign language)
  • Spanish language (as secondary foreign language)
  • Italian language (as secondary foreign language)

At the moment, 1 Ph.D., 5 senior lecturers and 9 teachers carry out their activities at the Department.

While teaching German, Italian, French, Spanish languages the staff of the department uses modern techniques and principles of teaching, and applies the experience of foreign countries. Trainings, lectures, seminars, discussions and round tables are conducted with the effective usage of modern technology.

The academic staff of the department has published many e-books, textbooks, academic manuals and exercise books based on the scientific researches.

Several students studying the languages mentioned above ​​successfully participate and win in many prestigious state scholarships, student Olympiads, as well as in various competitions that are organized by foreign missions in Uzbekistan.