The department "Practical diplomacy" was founded in August 2005, on the basis of "Diplomatic course" center. The head of the department is doctor of historical sciences, professor - Abdullaev Sherzod Majidovich. The department’s curriculum includes the subjects such as "The foreign policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan", "Modern Diplomacy", "History of Diplomacy", "Diplomatic negotiations", "Diplomatic and consular service", "International protocol and etiquette". Teachers of the department widely use Internet resources, multimedia and other modern information technology tools. In particular, the department staff made a number of presentation forms of seminars and workshops. As a result, new methods of current and  daily assessment schedule has been created and applied.

The department has a huge collection of presentations, handouts, videos, and other kinds of materials that are used in lectures, seminars and workshops of various disciplines. Today the Department has established relations with the Moscow State Institute of International Relation, a Japanese organization "Japan Foundation".