The main objectives of the Youth Civic Movement "Kamolot” are the followings:

  • To unite the youth of our country in order to build free and prosperous Uzbekistan;
  • To assist in rendering the youth that is physically healthy, spiritually mature, with thoughtful   and  independent-minded outlook, with good command of the principles of market economy, adherent of the democratic principles based on national and universal values ;
  • To provide conditions for growing generation to take part in a wide range of long-term socio-economic, cultural and educational processes honoring human rights and values as well as enhancing dignity, image and prestige of our nation.

In order to increase the level of knowledge and talent of youth, activities in the following directions are being carried out:

  • The spiritual and educational work;
  • Organization and direction of information and analysis;
  • Socio-economic;
  • Military service completion;
  • Legal literacy, sports, health, culture and environmental aspects.

The main tasks of the organization in every way are to protect the rights of students, to know about their suggestions and wishes of the study, to support the first step in the independent life and to create a significant leisure time.

In 2014-2015 academic year, the primary stage of the organization consists of 750 students.

The leader of the UWED «Kamolot» youth Civic movement is a student of "International Relations» Davlat Umarov .

2014-2015 academic years, the spiritual and educational activities of the movement were carried out according to the annual plan of the UWED "Kamolot". In this regard, the activities of the university students in a number of directions were determined by the socio-political activity. The development of the spirit of patriotism, strengthening the bond of friendship between the students, spending their leisure effectively, building immunity to avoid falling under the influence of alien ideas, along with the legal Culture, focused on improving the professional skills of the labor are the main important activities of the movement in this direction.

 On October 20-26, 2014, the UWED "Kamolot” students participated in the Republican forum of "Discussion" debate club organized by the Central Council.  The members of the UWED "Kamolot", Anwar Barnayev and Farrukh Abduxalilov showed a very active participation in the forum took place in "Youth camp" and  were accepted to the Republican working group.

On November 7-13, 2014, the leader of the university movement D.Umarov participated in the forum of “Kamolot leaders in higher education institutions" held once a year by the Central Council. During this forum, he strengthened his knowledge and skills in the movement, ranked 5th out of 76 members of higher institutions in the "Role model for primary organization". At the end of the forum, the UWED "Kamolot" was awarded with honorary diplomas and memorable gifts.

  1. Students of the UWED attended the following meetings held by Central Council of the Republic, «The Constitution – the guarantee of welfare of the people” and "Youth and the Election”.  These meetings dedicated to the 22nd anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan. They held before the election to the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis from regional, city and district councils of people's deputies.

They share with thoughts about the essence of the Constitution and the concept of the electoral law among students and pupils of schools, colleges and academic lyceums in the area from Andijan region to Karakalpagistan Republic.

In the first Republican “Discussion” debate tournament held by the Central Council, the team “Diplomats" consisting of the UWED students participated in the final round and won honorable 2nd place. (25.01-05.02.2015)

The film "Gumrohlar" (“Lost”) was screened by the UWED «Kamolot» directed by Hilol Nasimov. During the film screenings, there were more than 150 students from majors of “International Relations”, “International Law” and “International Economic Relations” and made the necessary conclusions (03.03.2015).

During the 2014-2015 academic years, 86 out of 99 students who have completed their military service were recommended to be paid 35% of yearly education fee by "Kamolot”.

A traditional annual «Kamolot’s Cup» competition in the spring season was also successfully held in this year. It was full with fun games, competitions and in the final stage, the IL-4 team won in the competition with the IER-4 team.

During the months of April and May of 2015, with initiation Mirzo Ulugbek district “Kamolot" movement, involvement of university students to the city improvements was organized.  During this cleaning, "Oltintepa" and "Cho'ldaraxt" graveyards of the Mirzo-Ulugbek district were beautified and flourished.

 “istiqlol elchilari” ("Ambassadors of Independence") consisting from the UWED students took part in the year's qualifying stage of annual traditional contest “Tafakkur sinovlari” (“Intelligance testing”) held by the Central Council of the Republic. The UWED students were in the honorable second place after a five-stage contest among Tashkent State Agricultural University, the University of Information and Technology, railroads and engineering. (20.05.2015).

On June 1, "Charity Campaign for Peace" dedicated to the day of “International Children” was held in the boarding school № 105 by the UWED students.

During the event, there were held training seminars on child rights. In addition, different games and painters’ contest were also held. Boarding schoolchildren were given various gifts at the end of the event. (15.05.2015)

 “Vatanparvarlik” ("Patriotism"), “Talabalar ijodidan” ("Student Creativity"), “Siyosiy hayot” ("Political life") of "DipUz" newspaper were published in September, January, March and May (during the year).

The active members of "Kamolot” movement, active students with low-income, financial condition, and students living in the hostel who need some material and moral support were stimulated with a 1-month subscription to free access to the sport complex (for the year).