The main objectives of the Youth Civic Movement "Kamolot” are the followings:

  • To unite the youth of our country in order to build free and prosperous Uzbekistan;
  • To assist in rendering the youth that is physically healthy, spiritually mature, with thoughtful   and  independent-minded outlook, with good command of the principles of market economy, adherent of the democratic principles based on national and universal values ;
  • To provide conditions for growing generation to take part in a wide range of long-term socio-economic, cultural and educational processes honoring human rights and values as well as enhancing dignity, image and prestige of our nation.

In order to increase the level of knowledge and talent of the youth, the activities in the following directions are being carried out:

  • The spiritual and educational work;
  • Organization and direction of information and analysis;
  • Socio-economic;
  • Military service completion;
  • Legal literacy, sports, health, culture and environmental aspects.

The main tasks of the organization in every way are to protect the rights of students, to know about their suggestions and wishes of the study, to support the first step in the independent life and to create a significant leisure time.

In 2016-2017 academic year, the primary stage of the organization consists of 750 students.

The leader of the UWED «Kamolot» Youth Civic Movement is a student of "International Relations» Javohir Shamsutdinov.

Updated: 08.08.2017