The university has created all necessary conditions for the students bringing up fully developed and harmonious people. To date, the university established work of modern sports complex, which includes three outdoor playgrounds, indoor swimming pool and gym, tennis and fitness facilities and gym shaping. Among others, the facilities like beauty salon, kitchen and medical centre are functioning too. The dormitory of the university possesses all the necessary conditions for living well.

There have been opened a variety of clubs to order to provide students with entertaining and knowledgeable time, for example – “Young historian”, “Young analytic”, “Global perspective”, “Conversation laboratory”, “young Diplomat”, “Law Analytic”, “English Club”, “Economist”, “Learner of Geography”, “Young Banker”, “Reader’s Club”, etc.

Various sport facilities have been created where about 2 thousand students have an opportunity to be involved regularly in different types of sports such as Aikido, volleyball, basketball, mini football swimming, athletics, wrestling, big and table tennis, chess and draughts.

Namozov  Rustam a 3rd year student of IER faculty took the second place and Karimbekova Dinara -3 rd place  at interuniversity competitions in big tennis which took place in Transport institute on 17th November in 2006.

Final stage of “Universiada 2007” was held from 20th to 24th june 2007 in Tashkent. Komarova Alisa 1st year student of IER was a member of the team Tashkent 1. As the result Tashkent 1 took the first place. Komarova Alisa was awarded a gold medal, first degree diploma and a prize.

Open Championship of Westminster International University in Tashkent on arm-wrestling was held on 21st of 2010. Teams of UWED, Branch of Russian Academy of Economy in Tashkent, branch of Russian University of oil and gas after Gubkin, MSU, WIUT, Turin Polytechnic University took part in this Championship. The 3rd year student of IR faculty Gadeev Rustam won the competition in the category of 80 kg in both left and right hands. He was awarded with medals and prize. In team completions UWED team took the 2nd place.

The 2nd Year student of IER faculty Javohir Komilov took honourable 2nd place in Republican Championship on Kata competition held in May of 2015 among juniors at the age of 18-22.