Shaikhantakhur academic lyceum under UWED

1. Creation of the AL.

Academic lyceum was established in accordance with the order №240 of the Center for the higher and secondary special and vocational training on August 10, 1999. A charter of the lyceum was approved by the Center of the higher and secondary special and vocational education on 10 August 1999 and was given registration #2070 by the City office of the district Mirzo Ulugbek in Tashkent on October 10, 1998. Saidov Gulom Odinaevich was appointed as the director of the Lyceum on the basis of the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of Uzbekistan. There are 73 main staff teachers, 10 part-time teachers and 6 PhD candidates in lyceum.

2. Fields of education

In the AL, students gain knowledge in the following areas: sciences, social and human sciences and foreign philology.

The direction of the exact sciences.

This area receives students interested in mathematics, computer science, English and native languages After this lyceum graduates can enroll in higher education institutions the following areas: international economic relations, regional studies, geography, foreign economic relations, economics, statistics, information technology, economy, finance, credit, educator and economist, management, insurance business.

Social-humanitarian direction.

This trend takes graduates of the 9th grade, interisuet history, foreign and native languages, computer-based testing. After graduating from school graduates can postupatv universities following areas: law, teacher and lawyer. philosophy and logic, history, political science, psychology, librarianship.

Direction of foreign philology.

This trend takes graduates 9th grade, interisuet history, foreign and native languages, computer-based testirovaniya.Obuchayuschiesya in this area in depth study English, French, German. Lyceum is a partner school FRG.Posle graduating from school, students can enroll in institutions of higher education in the following areas: History of International Relations, Oriental Studies, religovedenie, a specialist in foreign languages.

3. Mugs.

In high school there are basically 40 circles, the number of students in these 635 people. Among them: mugs on general science-36, the number of students - 561, sports sections 3, number of students, 44, a circle "Oraste kizlar" -1, the number of pupils 30. In the circles are occupied 73.8% of pupils of of the total. In high school clubs set up on 36 subjects, they are visited by 423 student.

4. Achievements.

To date, the lyceum student enrolled in 1253 in three areas: exact sciences, social and humanities, foreign filologiya.Po information MTC (DTM) on the results of university entrance level of knowledge of graduates of AL one of the highest in the AL Respublike.Vypuskniki trained in the most prestigious universities of: UWED TSUE, the Institute of Oriental Studies in University of World Languages ​​in NPI them. Ulugbek in TSPU them. Nizami, Westminster International University, the Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas Gubkin, the Turin Polytechnic University, the Singapore University of Management Development and other institutions of higher education. Are monitored admission to universities graduates of the Lyceum. In 2011 academic year, 75% of graduates became students of the AL. In 2012, the figure was 72%, in 2013 68%, in 2014 62.8%.

The winners of the subject Olympiads.

AL Students are actively involved in the subject Olympiad. In 2013-2014, in the city competition involved 15 people, 3 of them in the Republican student Olympiad took pride of place. The Republican Olympiad Toshpulatov Sherzod ranked first on the subject of history and got a chance to enter university is konkursa.V 2014-2015 academic year, the city Olympiad participated 14 students, 6 of them have won a place of honor. For example, among the students of 2nd year Allambergenova Sitora Maratbay Kesey on the subject of the Russian language (in Uzbek groups) ranked first, Kolushev Askar Timurovich Russian language (in Russian groups took) second, Rustambeyov Abbosbek Zhavlonbek coals in English - 3rd place, Bobozhanova Latofat Tursunboy Kesey math - 3rd place, Abdukadir Shohruhbek Oibek embers of history - 2nd place. Among students of 3rd year in the town Olympiad Bakhtiyarova Hadicha Zokhidjon Kesey in the Russian language (in Uzbek groups) took 1st place, Khakimov Sevara Mukhiddin Kesey German language - 2nd place, Zayniddinova Mohira Husan Kesey in French - 1st place, Akmal Mirzaev Kadamovich on history - 2 location and get directions to the republican Olympiad. In step 4 of the republican Olympiad Zayniddinova Mohira Husan Kesey French language she took 1st place and received the title of the student out of the competition.

The winners

In March 2015, the Republican review - competition "Expert works by the president," the student Mirzabaev Azimjon on the city stage 1st place. In March 2015, the team AL "Adolat" participated in the "Did you know the law?" And took in the area - the 1st place in the town - 2nd place. In April 2015 he held an essay contest on the topic "Why I Love Uzbekistan?" And "Year of the veneration of the older generation" In pride of place was taken by the AL group pupil AF2-14 Bahromov Muniz in the city among the 87 students took an honorable 3rd place. April 18, 2015 AL students participated in city competition "Navruz and national traditions", where student groups IG1-13 Davlatov Saodat won an honorable 3rd place. Students group HF3-13 Imomalieva Dildorhon participated in the regional competition for the award "Zulfiya" in the "Lyrics" took 1st place and get directions to the city competition. Students (Group AF1-13) Gozieva Muzayanagotovilas the award "Zulfiya" in the "Poetry and Prose" in the area took the honorable one location and get directions to gorod.3 December 2014 g leading primary organization "women's council" AL Eshonkulova Gulnora awarded with the Diploma of 1 degree Republican stage of the competition "The most exemplary initial organization of the women's council" 21 October 2014 2nd year student of Mr. AL Gozieva Muzayana the district competition "Girls Zulfiyahonim" occupied a place of honor and was awarded a diploma women's council district. In 2014, at the city stage of the competition "Knowledge of tax for children" A.Turabiddinov students took pride of place and was awarded a diploma.

The winners of sports competitions

In the football competition at the "Cup Kamolot" on the regional stage 1 took place at the city stage have won the 1st place. Were awarded diplomas and kubkom.30-31 May 2015 Mirzayev Jahongir (60 kg) on ​​Sports TKD on stage in Tashkent city took pride of place 1. In April 2015 Valiev Shahzod (90 kg) of Sport Taekwondo Open Championship on the stadium JAR MASSAGO took pride of place 1. In April, 2015 in the sports competitions "Cup Kamolot" in the regional stage of the 1st place, get directions to the city stage and showed a beautiful game. March 18, 2015 g AL held a competition Gimnostrady Shaikhantakhur district students Lyceum honorable 1 place. March 28, 2014 g in the military-sporting event "Shunkorlar" AL students actively participated and won 1st place in the area on 15 April 2014 in the city have won the 3rd place. In 2015 actively participated in the competition "Yesh kutkaruvchi" organized by the Office of Emergency in Tashkent and took 3rd place. February 20, 2015 Mr. tournament AL "Kamolot Checkerboard" Ostanakulov Fahriddin took 1st place in the area - one location and get directions to the city. The AL all subject competition winners 15 people, including the winners of the republic of 3 people, the winners in the town of 12 people, winners of the competitions of 4 people, the winners of sports competitions - 40 people. Many gifted students are actively involved in moral and educational activities, sports competitions AL and awarded honorary certificates, diplomas and memorable gifts.

5. International relations and competitions

To date, the AL has a close relationship with the Goethe Institute in Germany. Lyceum cooperate with this institute from 2008 on the "Program 1000 schools cooperation." In high school students, along with English and French are learning German. As a result, the Goethe Institute from 2009 holds qualifying essay competitions among students, each year 4-5 winners travel to Freiburg, Dresden Germany at one-month refresher courses. To date, 20 students have returned from Germany. At the same time, teachers Murodova Mohira - 3 times, Hafiz Gayrat - 2 times, Pashkovskaya Catherine - 2 times were in Germany for further training. Goethe Institute since 2008 Lyceum provides scientific and journalistic magazines and books, which are conducted on the basis of the lessons the students. The Cabinet of German language in the lyceum is equipped with facilities of the Goethe Institute, which is unique in Uzbekistan. The Goethe Institute is constantly organizes seminars, exhibitions, cultural events, sports games on various topics among the students of the Lyceum. For example, cooperation among schools, 2010 in Samarkand was the international football competition. Then the team took the honorable Lyceum 2 mesto.Uchaschiesya and teachers at AL UWED actively participate in international and national competitions. For example, carried out by the organizations ACTR winning competitions mainly students and teachers of the Lyceum. AL Teachers are actively involved in international grants. For example, in 2011, Mission of Japan to the Education, Science, Culture, Sports and Technology (MONBUKAGAKUSЁ) held a competition where the English teacher Anna Kulinaeva won and improve their qualifications at the Pedagogical University of Miyagi Japan. In 2012 we participated in the same competition two English teachers and Bakiyev Habibullo Durdona Sabirov, both were winners and improved their skills in Miyagi University in Japan. Today Ermont Davron Begzod Turaev and improve their skills in Japan.

6. Spiritual and educational work

Decrees, decisions, orders of President of Uzbekistan Cabinet of Ministers and central Manaviyat Marifat Republic and executed on the basis of their action plans drawn up, they are enforced. Special courses, the foundations of spirituality, VAT, works of the President and the Constitution of Uzbekistan held in groups based on the table raspisaniya. Razrabotan action plan for the implementation of the CRP program "Year of caring for the older generation", based on the order №26 of 25 March 2015 on the implementation of certain tasks in the "Year of caring for the older generation", approved by Decree number PC 2302 of 18 February 2015 the President of Uzbekistan. Pupil AF2-13 Bahromov Muniz took the 3rd place in the essay competition "As I understand the program year of care for the older generation?". In order to ensure Article 5 of the program of implementation of the state youth policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 2015 «Kamolot» Central Advice of a competition "Do you know the law?" students took 1st place in the city of 4th place. Awarded diplomas 7 members in the nomination "The most knowledgeable staff" and awarded a diploma of the Central Committee of “Kamolot”.