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Master's degree

University of World Economy and Diplomacy offers master's programs in the following specialties:

  • 5A120701 - "International relations and foreign policy";
  • 5A240105 - "International law (international public law)";
  • 5A240106  - "Diplomatic and consul of the law";
  • 5A231101 - "World Economy (by region)";
  • 5A231102  - "External economic activity (investment activity)".

 Graduate students study modern subjects of the specialty on the basis of international experience:

  • 5A120701 - "International Relations and foreign Policy": "The interests of Uzbekistan in the international system", "Economic and energy diplomacy" and “Basis of resolution to the conflicts", "Global development and political problems of the international system", "Great country’s’ competition in the system of international relations ";
  • 5A240105 - "International Law (international public law)": "The International Treaties Law", "Law of International Security", "Human rights in International law", "Actual problems of international law";
  • 5A240106 - "Diplomatic and Consular Law": "Diplomatic Law," "The Consular law", "Economic diplomacy and security", "Actual problems of international law", "International Treaties Law";
  • 5A231101 - "World Economy (by region)": "World regions` economy", "Innovative Economy", "Free Economic Zones", "Economic diplomacy and security", “ Global economy";
  • 5A231102 - "External economic activity (investment activity)": "Innovative Economy", "Investment Risks"," Foreign investment", "External economic activity accounting, analysis and audit "," International trade", specialized subjects.

Attention is given to the optional subjects of graduate student’s specialty disciplines.



University of World Economy and Diplomacy set the plan for master's degree for the academic year 2016-2017 according to the Decree No. 2534 of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On admission to institutions of higher education in the Republic of Uzbekistan in academic year 2016/2017" from May 26, 2016 for the following specialties:


NOTE for Applicants

Applicants applying for the master’s degree are admitted by the Admission committee of UWED from July 1 till July 30 (including that day).

Applicants applying for master’s degree (who hold a bachelor's degree diploma) will provide higher education institutions with the following documents:

  • Application addressed to the Rector of UWED;
  • The original document on higher education (or a copy of diploma for graduates who finished higher education institutions on state scholarship basis) and their applications;
  • Published scientific articles or abstracts (or equivalent documents) and their copy (if existing);
  • Medical certificate #086;
  • Photo 3.5 x 4.5 cm (6 pieces).

Applicants must provide a passport, documents and evidence about involvement in the military service in the application process.


Entrance exams

Master's exams (tests), 3 – 15 of August.

Master's entrance examination consists of the following general points:

  • Specialized exams – 0-100 points;
  • Written presentation on the basis of Master’s category of scientific and scientific-pedagogical work in order to determine the interest and ability of the chosen specialty – 0-50 points;
  • Foreign languages test ​​(English, German, French) - 0-50 points;
  • The theory and practice of building a democratic society - 0-50 points;
  • Academic indicators of the higher education institutions - 55-100 points.

In case of submission of a certificate of foreign language (TOEFL at least 58 or IELTS score of at least 5), applicants receive 50 points and they does not participate language examination.

The maximum grade for admission for master’s degree is 350 points.

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