11.06.2019 5452

On June 7, 2019 a group of American experts, including Dr. Roger Kangas, the Academic Dean of the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies (NESA) and Professor of Georgetown University in Washington DC., Brianne Todd, Assistant Professor of Central Asian Studies at NESA, Dr. Mariya Y.Omelicheva, Professor of the National Defense University of National War College and US Colonel and Military expert John Wood visited UWED and held a meeting with university professors and students.    

In a very interesting and heated discussions, Dr. Kangas outlined increasing dynamic of Uzbek-American cooperation, American strategy for the regions, the growing regional connectivity in Central Asia, as well as the situation in Afghanistan. As a frequent visitor of UWED, Dr.Kangas is well known for his deep knowledge on Central Asian history, politics, culture and traditions.

Dr. Mariya Omelicheva also shared her research findings on political situation in our region, regional cooperation in Central Asia and the role of great powers, such as US, Russia and China in rapidly changing processes.

John Wood primarily focused on the situation in Afghanistan, peace process and the new role of Uzbekistan in bringing peace in this war-torn country. Dr. Wood also underscored the significance of Uzbekistan’s involvement in Afghanistan’s economic recovery with railway constructions as well as with other infrastructural projects.        

The meeting was followed with the heated exchange of views and comments on above-mentioned areas between UWED professors, students and guests.