14.01.2021 1126

ILGSPD Erasmus Mundus Scholarship applications are now OPEN for September 2021 entry! We welcome applications from students around the world. 

Please submit your application online to the University of Glasgow, see How to apply.  

Please note you must include a copy of your scholarship form on your programme application form.

The Erasmus Mundus scholarship includes:

  • a contribution to the student participation costs (including tuition fees, full insurance coverage and any other mandatory costs related to the student's participation in the EMJMD study programme
  • a contribution to student travel and installation costs
  • a monthly subsistence allowance for the entire duration of the EMJMD study programme.

Erasmus Mundus scholarships can be offered to students from any region of the world; however, no more than three with the same nationality will be awarded in the same intake under the same category. The scholarship's terms depend on the student’s nationality and residence.

Read more: https://www.gla.ac.uk/postgraduate/erasmusmundus/ilgspd/scholarships/