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Greetings from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

Since we are currently in our nomination/application process for Spring 2020 entry, we just wanted to send a reminder about changes to Exchange Student Visas (D-2-6) for the following four nations for Spring 2020 Entry:

  • China
  • Mongolia
  • Vietnam
  • Uzbekistan


From October 1, 2019 (the beginning of our nomination/application period), the Korean Immigration Office has required us to change how we apply for student visas on our end, as well as the requirement of additional documents for your students when they apply for their visas in their home countries. There are 5 new items required.

Bank Statement of 2,000 USD per 4-month Exchange Period

For example, if a student comes for a 10-month exchange (4 months, 4 months, 2 months = 2.5), they should provide the Korean Embassy/Consulate in your country a bank statement of 5,000 USD (2000 USD X 2.5).


  • Copy of MOU with HUFS

Family Registry

  • Korean or English translation of Family Registry
  • Notarization/Seal if not in Korean or English

Parents’ Certificate of Employment

  • Korean or English translation of Family Registry
  • Notarization/Seal required if not in Korean or English
  • If self-employed, a copy of the Business License, or a list of personal/financial assets

Passport Information Page

Language Proficiency Scores**

  • TOPIK Level 4 score
  • TOEFL iBT 71 or higher
  • iELTS 5.5 or higher.

**Letter of Recommendation

If a student does not have a verified language score certificate, they will need to get a letter from a language professor that explains their language proficiency in Korean and/or English

Certificate of Current Enrollment

Students will also need to submit a certificate of current enrollment at your university along with their visa application.

Health Examination 

Students will need to have a health examination at a hospital designated by the Korean embassy as part of the visa process. Please consult the Korean embassy or Consulate for further details.

This health exam result can be used for applying HUFS Dormitory.    

We are also attaching a copy of our 2020 Fact Sheet with this information for reference.

We look forward to seeing your students on campus in Spring.



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