29.10.2021 523

On October 27, UWED hosted a meeting with Brian M. Pollins, professor of Ohio state university and a well-known political scientist. University professors and graduate students took an active part in the lively exchange of views and discussions. At the beginning of meeting, professor Pollins shared his opinions on the recent presidential elections in Uzbekistan.

He noted that the elections were held at a very high organizational level, and that the political consciousness, legal culture and sense of belonging of citizens in the country's destiny had grown significantly. According to the political scientist, the active participation of citizens in the elections is a clear indication of the widespread support of the people for the radical reforms being carried out in the country under the leadership of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

In particular, professor Pollins acknowledged that the mood and enthusiasm of citizens in the Fergana region, which he visited as an observer, was very high, and the turnout among the young voters was especially high.

Professor Pollins made a comparative analysis of the specifics of the electoral systems in the United States and Uzbekistan, listing a number of advantages of the majoritarian electoral system in our country. In his view, some aspects of the U.S. electoral system, including the electoral college, are a historically obsolete and outdated legal institution, and the fact that the system still exists has led to growing distrust and dissatisfaction in American society. 

He also emphasized that the further development of Uzbek-American relations in modern conditions is in the interests of both sides. He praised the very special role of Uzbekistan (keystone state) in the region. According to him, it is very essential to deepen ties in following major areas, such as, maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan, strengthening sovereignty and territorial integrity, peaceful and sustainable economic growth of countries in the region, and intensifying cooperation between the US and Uzbekistan in various areas of bilateral relations.

The meeting was organized by the dean of postgraduate department of UWED, PhD in Political Science Otabek Nayimov. Moreover, Sherzod Masadikov, PhD in Private Law and associate professor, Uchqun Dostov, PhD in Political Sciences as well as master's students of the university participated with useful personal contribution to this event.