Support for Policy Oriented Research Program

The Korea Foundation’s Support for Policy-Oriented Research program furnishes grant support to research projects or programs that provide in-depth analyses of and policy recommendations on Korea and its relationship with other countries.

Malayziya texnik hamkorlik dasturi

Dunyoning turli davlatlarida davom etayotgan virusli pandemiya sababli Malayziya Tashqi ishlar vazirligi tomonidan Malayziya texnik hamkorlik dasturi (MTSR) doirasida tashkil etilayotgan qisqa muddatli oʻquv kurslari joriy yilning ikkinchi yarmiga koʻchirildi.

Hokkaido University invites

We would like to inform you that our faculty has successfully obtained one allotment of 2020 MEXT scholarship that can be provided exclusively for UWED.

Обучение в Канаде

Согласно информации МВССО РУз объявлена Программа стипендий на 2020-2021 учебный год для обучения в вузах Канады по различным направлениям образования сроком до 2-х лет.

Grants of Malaysia

We inform you about the application for participation in the short-term training course “Enhancing Learning through Scientific Inquiry in a Technology Enhanced Environment”, organized by the Regional Center for Education in Science and Mathematics in Science and Mathematics) as part of the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program (MTSD).

Training courses in Japan

A set of candidates has been announced for participation in the Japanese language for diplomats (language training courses), organized by the Japanese Foundation with the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this country from September 24, 2020. until May 21, 2021.