Department: Chair socially-humanities

Position: Professors


Annotation of activities:

Graduated from the historical faculty of the Tajik State University with honors in 1967. Trained as a historian and sociologist. From 1967 to 1970 worked to Department of 'New and Contemporary History".

Tajyk State University as an assistant from May 1969 to May 1970 served in military and returned to teach students on the residence permit workplace. From November 1970 to December 1973 he studied at the postgraduate of Moscow State University named after Lomonosov. In February 1974 defended thesis on the modern history of France on the theme: Bonapart coup (2 December 1851) in the reflection of contemporary French journalism.

From March 1974 to May 1980 worked at the Tajyk State University at first teacher, then as a senior lecturer and associate professor.

Since May 1980 moved to as an assistant professor to the Tashkent Higher Party School and worked there until October 1, 1990. From October 1990 to October 1992, was a doctoral student of the Russian Academy of Management in Moscow.

October 1, 1992 on the specialized academic council RAS defended his doctoral thesis on the revolution of 1848-49, and political development of the Second Republic in France, 1848-51

In connection with the collapse of the former Soviet Union, I had to go to work on the the historical faculty of Tajyk State University as an assistant professor. December 1993 became the head of the Department of Modern and Contemporary History of Europe and America.

Research interests:

From January 1994 to January 1996 worked as a compatibilizer 0.5 bid on Department of "Political Science International Relations." Since January 1996, I was transferred from the Tashkent State University to UWED as head of the chair "Political Science and the International Relations".

In the 2005-2006 academic year, was a professor of the department "International relations"

From June 2006 to November 2012 he headed the department "Social and Humanities" from November 2012 to the present is Professor of "Social and Humanities".

During the period of work in the UWED under my leadership defended 12 men on History and Political Science.

I was a scientific consultant for three doctoral theses in history and political science.

Teaching courses:

history of France and the history of international relations.

Teaching courses:

history of international relations, history of political and law doctrines courses: Geopolitics of Uzbekistan, the political process in modern France.

Main publications:

  1. Развитие фразий общественно-политический мисл в года Республики (1848-1851) М,1992 монография
  2. Сиёмий тизимлар ва кўппартиявийлик ўқув қўлланмаТ.ЖИДУ 1999
  3. Жаҳон тарихи (XVI-XIXасрни 60 йиллари) 8-синфлар учун
  4. Замонавий сиёсатшунослик Қ.Жўраев билан 2013 йилдан Т.2000-2009
  5. Халқаро муносабатлар тарихи Т.,2014