Spiritual and educational activities

Students of the faculty of International Law among the winners of the Republican stage of the contest "Third Renaissance - through the eyes of youth"

The Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, together with the Ministry of Innovative Development, the Committee for Religious Affairs, the Center for Islamic Civilization in Uzbekistan, Ipoteka-Bank ATIB, and the National News Agency of Uzbekistan held the republican contest "The Third Renaissance – through the eyes of youth".

Achievements of UWED students

The 2nd year students of the faculty of International Relations of the University of world economy and diplomacy Ulugbek Jangchiddinov and Fazliddin Djamalov, and 2nd year student of the faculty of International law Abu Talib Giyosov, took part in the intellectual game “Zakovat” and took 3rd place.

Youth of new Uzbekistan - the foundation of our future and prosperity

Young people have always been and remain the focus of the state policy of Uzbekistan. Today, our country is undergoing large-scale reforms in every area, works are underway to eliminate the urgent problems in society, and conditions are being created for the harmonious development and education of young people.

Sports competitions were held in UWED

Sport is a recognized tool for promoting development and peace, as it does not take into account geographical boundaries or social differences. It promotes social integration and economic development in a variety of geographical, cultural and political settings.

Human dignity is great, memory is sacred

Every year on May 9, the Day of Remembrance and Honors in our country is widely celebrated as a national holiday in order to express respect for our compatriots who fought for our peaceful and peaceful days, worked selflessly, and honored the memory of our ancestors who gave their lives in the name of peace and tranquility.

Peace is priceless - memory is eternal

The concept of memory and honor has a deep meaning. The population of Uzbekistan at the beginning of the war was about 6.5 million people, of which 1.5 million participated in the war. More than 500 thousand of our compatriots died on the battlefields, and many returned as disabled people, went missing.