Spiritual and educational activities

Opening of the Republican Students’ media-social and cultural Center

According to the Decree of the Ministry of the Republic of Uzbekistan №736 dated 17.09.2018, “Students’ media-social and cultural Center” was created with the aim of expansion of activities of the Center of Culture and Enlightenment under the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education.

Questions of culture of communication and free time

Teachers, curators and employees of the department of spirituality of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy constantly organize meetings, conversations and discussion of urgent issues with students living in the Student's House.

Cultural-educative event in the dormitory among students of “International Law” faculty of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy

On 3 June 2019 in the dormitory of International Law faculty of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, teachers of “International Private Law and Civil Law Disciplines” Sh.Masadikov and L.Achilova organized a cultural-educative event among the students of International Law faculty on the theme “We are Against Drug Addiction”.

Greatest respect for our veterans

Defferent events are being held at the places of the city according to the decree of our President on preparation and holding “The day of Memory and Honour”. Owing to this holiday the students of the “International relations” faculty of UWED not only take active part in the city events, but also take care of the veterans.