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On October 15, 2019, an international conference on the theme "Outstanding political leader of India" was held in the UWED. dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the prominent political and public figure of India, Mahatma Gandhi.

The conference was opened by the Vice-rector for international relations of the UWED Prof. Saidkasymov S. S., who thoroughly revealed the history, state and prospects of interstate relations between India and Uzbekistan.

Representatives of the diplomatic corps, senior diplomats of the Embassy of India in the Republic of Uzbekistan, representatives of the center of people's diplomacy of the ShCO and the Committee on interethnic relations with foreign countries under the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan, public organizations, students of the UWED and Tashkent State Institute of Oriental studies participated in this event.

Director of the cultural center of India Mr. Chander Shekhar, especially commend the leadership of UWED for organizing this conference, spoke in detail about the life of Mahatma Gandhi, noted the special importance of the state and  visit of the President of Uzbekistan Sh. M. Mirziyoyev to India in the further development of friendship relations.

Deputy Director of the ShCO center of people's diplomacy In Uzbekistan K. K. Sobirov and head of the depeartment of "Indian culture" in the TSIOS U. U. Muhibova  noted the importance of the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi, his philosophy of nonviolent struggle. 1st year students of the faculty "International relations" of the UWED Maftuna Khasanova, Jasur Mamadaliyev, Timurbek Ergashev, Ramzbek Otabekjonov, Shahina Adilkhanova, Daler Sayidov, Nilufar Umarova, Sitora Abdurakhmanova, Madina Ilmidinova, Diana Jienbayeva, Masuma Salmanova and Fazliddin Djamalov held an interesting video presentation about the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi. The teacher of the TSIOS Sherdor Pulatov also made a presentation about the book "My life" by Mahatma Gandhi, which was translated into Uzbek language.

Professor E. S. Sultanova, the organizer of the event, made a report on the political heritage of M. Gandhi.

The results of the open lesson on the promotion of the great cultural heritage, in particular of India, were positively assessed by Mr. Chander Shekhar, as well as representatives of the ShCO center of people's diplomacy in Uzbekistan and the teachers of the TSIOS.

For reference: Mahatma Gandhi is one of the leaders and ideologue of the national liberation movement of India. His philosophy of nonviolence has influenced national and international movements for peaceful change.

Mahatma Gandhi rejected violence in any form. For more than 30 years he persevered in his philosophy and eventually proved to the world the effectiveness of nonviolent policies when India, through Gandhi's efforts, peacefully gained independence from Britain in 1947.

His name is surrounded with the same reverence with which the names of saints are pronounced in India. The spiritual leader of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi fought all his life against religious strife tearing his country apart, against violence. Mahatma means Great soul. This title perfectly reveals the essence of Karamchand Gandhi. He was highly trusted among the Indians, regardless of caste or creed.