17.10.2022        1621

International Girls' Day unites all girls to focus on the most important needs and opportunities. To empower girls and promote their rights, the world celebrates October 11 as the International Girls' Day.

Under the leadership of the leaders of the "Leader girls" club of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy and the Chairwoman of the Women's Council, Doctor of Political Sciences E. Sultanova, an open dialogue was organized for the girls. Honoured cultural worker, poet Muqaddas Abdusamatova was invited as a guest.

During the open dialogue, E. Sultanova noted the political activity of women and girls today and spoke about the activities and opportunities created in this regard in our country, including our university. Honourable poetess M. Abdusamatova gave a speech about her life and work and read some of her poems. "They say that women make up the half of society. No, it is the whole society. Because she educates the remaining half of the society. The national and social importance of a woman is very high. She is a mother and grandmother. She is a wife, sister and daughter," she said.