07.07.2021        3838

In our country, the mahalla has been a strong cultural center since ancient times, an influential body of self-government of citizens, a unique Institute of civil society. In recent years, a number of practical works have been carried out on the effective cooperation of mahallas and educational institutions.

In particular, the professors and teachers of the department "International Private Law and civil law Disciplines" of the University of world economy and diplomacy have closely acquainted the population of mahallas “Beshkapa”, “Ahmad Yugnaki”, “Boz” and “Traktorsozlar” with the laws, decrees and decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted in-country on increasing the legal literacy of people. As well as they comprehensively explained to the residents of the mahalla the essence of legislative norms and judicial reforms.

At the same time, in addition to the provision of the necessary instructions for the establishment of the “Legal propaganda corner” in the building of the mahalla, various legal literature was presented to the mahalla by the teachers of the University.