09.06.2021        31079

Young people have always been and remain the focus of the state policy of Uzbekistan. Today, our country is undergoing large-scale reforms in every area, works are underway to eliminate the urgent problems in society, and conditions are being created for the harmonious development and education of young people.

Uzbekistan is now a country of youth. The young men and women who grew up on this land are full of dreams and hopes. Thanks to the fact that we have a leader who fulfills these aspirations, today's youth sets high goals and goes forward. The words of the President: "We have set ourselves a great goal, namely, securing the foundation for a new Renaissance in our country, and for this purpose we must deliver an environment and conditions for nurturing new Khorezmis, Berunis, Ibn Sinos, Ulugbeks, Navois and Baburs. Crucial factors in this historic process, an integral part of our national idea, are the development of education and enlightenment, science and innovation, promotion of healthy lifestyle" - opened up great opportunities for young people.        

In order to spend youths free time effectively, to introduce them to the rich heritage of our ancestors, to find a solution to the feelings of love and pride in the native land. Under the leadership of teachers of the University of the world economy and diplomacy Qudratullo Abduraimov and Dilnoza Khudoyberganova, the youth of Beshkapa mahalla visited the Museum of Glory in Victory Park. Young people have been recognized at all times as an active layer of society. Both in the period of the Eastern Awakening and in the activities of the jadids, their role in the renewal of society was incomparable. In this respect, this layer, which is constantly forming, requires constantly directing and support.

Analyzing the ongoing work in the field of youth policy, it is fair to note that a lot of efforts have been made to improve the quality of interaction between the state and young people. Young people are involved in all sectors and spheres of the country. Separate organizations are also being formed to work with young men and women, and conditions are being created for their training and comprehensive development. All these efforts will undoubtedly pay off. After all, Uzbekistan is a country of young people, and it is she who is responsible for the further prosperity of the Motherland.