04.05.2021        3861

On the eve of the celebration of the Day of Remembrance and Honor on May 9, students of the Faculty of International Law visited the Victory Park and the Museum of Glory in the Almazar district of Tashkent. This museum is also a place of research, study, enrichment of the military history of Uzbekistan and the memory of our ancestors who sacrificed their lives, as well as patriotic, spiritual and moral values   of citizens.

During the tour, students gоt acquainted with the museum's very rich and extensive military arsenal of the peoples of Central Asia and Uzbekistan during World War II, as well as the history of the exposition.

In particular, the wartime landscapes in the garden and museum, including trench and dugouts, tents, field kitchens, and other panels, enriched students ’imaginations and naturally evoked feelings of national pride.

Students were also interested in a variety of weapons: silicon firearms, as well as weapons made during the Great Patriotic War, modern military equipment. Students posed for pictures in front of various monuments. The visit to the Victory Park and the Museum aroused great interest and impression among the students.

It is no exaggeration to say that the opinion of the initiator of the creation of this park, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, has been confirmed. At the beginning of the creation of the park, the President said: "This park should reflect the contribution of our people to the Victory, perpetuate the heroism of our ancestors. It should reflect the atmosphere of World War II, the battles of our compatriots".

Senior lecture of UWED Farruh Tashev