23.04.2021        5767

Today language has become a means of communication for more than two billion people around the world. However, even 15 centuries ago, the language played an important role in the daily life of all three tribes for communication. At present, it is not difficult to know from the place where the English language is held in the life of young people that the prestige of the world is increasing day by day. Around us there is an increasing number of young people who learn languages, especially students. Wherever you look, your eyes fall on the establishment of English language courses, announcements of training courses.

Of the official working languages of the authoritative United Nations, which has its own significant place in the world community, it is no doubt that the fact that it is a computer programming and especially the internet language is one of the first reasons why English is of particular importance among the Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish languages is a global language.

As is known from history, English politicians, who were the leaders of the lender country in the First World War, became the rulers of the borrowed States after the war. And in the second half of the twentieth century, the civilized period of the United States began all over the world. The US, which was once a colony of England, became the most powerful country in the world and filled the world markets with its products. The creation of computers and the internet in America led to the spread of English throughout the globe. The way of life in this country was of interest to the whole world population and was closer to the Americans, with the aim of communicating with them, many began to learn English.

At the present time, English is recognized as the most important language of communication around the world. It is worth noting that this language is considered an official means of communication in 70 countries of the world. English is the main language of communication of more than 500 million people and is the second language for another 1 billion 300 million people. Day by day, the number of people who work in international organizations and enterprises is increasing, and this is an excellent opportunity to improve and achieve the English language they need in their field of work.

It should be noted that almost half of the world's literature is published in English, and even the fact that English is the language of well-known great English writers Shakespeare, Jonathan Swift, Voltaire Scott, Charles Dickens, etc., is an obvious example of the fact that in the world this language is spoken by more world population than even Chinese mandarin dialects.

Today, 23rd of April is widely celebrated all over the world as the International English Language Day. This holiday was first celebrated in 2010 in addition to the day of the Arabic language, the day of the Chinese language, the day of the French language, the day of the Russian language and the day of the Spanish language. These languages are special working languages of the UN, and by celebrating these days, it is planned to increase the interest of the world to learn these languages.

So why exactly was the date of 23rd of April chosen to celebrate as a holiday? Because the fact that on this day the author of such genius works as “Romeo and Juliet”, “King Lear”, “Othello”, “Macbeth”, the period of awakening was the day of the birth of the great English playwright and poet William Shakespeare, can also be recognized that the English language has increased its position further in the place of the international language.

Today, an in-depth study of the English language, knowledge of it is very important for every educated person, for students who want to become the owner of any field.

Dilmurod Dilmurodov,
1st year student of the faculty “International Relations”