14.04.2021        5435

Samarkand is a pearl of Uzbekistan. It is one of the oldest centers of world civilization. This ancient city is known as the pearl of the East and one of the largest economic, scientific and cultural centers of independent Uzbekistan and attracts tourists from all over the world.

In order to ensure the rapid development of domestic tourism and familiarize young people with the history of our people and the ancient monuments of our country a tour to Samarkand was organized.

A trip to Samarkand was organized within the framework of the "Travel to Uzbekistan" program, on April 11 this year for the students of the faculty International management and economics. Students visited many famous architectural monuments, such as the Bibikhanim mosque, the Amir Timur mausoleum, the Shahi Zinda complex, the Ulugbek madrasah and its observatory, and also got acquainted with their history and architecture.

The purpose of such visits is to get familiarized with the ancient sites and historical monuments of our country, as well as to learn more about our rich history and get interesting information.