09.04.2021        3421

Among all types of art, the place of fiction in the spiritual life of a person is priceless. We can talk for a long time about such qualities of fiction as educational, spiritually cleansing, encouraging to do good deeds, giving pleasure, sometimes even forcing to act.

That is why the unique masterpieces of great writers for many centuries have captivated the hearts of people with their beauty and spiritual purity. One of the priority tasks of the reforms being carried out in our country is to further improve the reading culture, to inspire the younger generation to read.

Consequently, on the basis of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan №781 of December 14, 2020 "On approval of the National program for the development and support of reading culture for 2020-2025", the "National program for the development and support of reading culture for 2020-2025" was approved. The adopted document provides for holding the "Week of Reading" in the first week of April.

In addition, educational institutions are where the love of the book should arise. For this purpose, the Department of Uzbek and Russian Languages, the Department of Romance-Germanic Languages, the Resource Center of the UWED organized a round table on the topic "I have read, you will also read" The analysis of the masterpieces of world literature, discussion of works, definition of the tasks of fiction gave a special mood to the event.

It should be noted with joy that there is a great interest in reading among students, a desire to learn, read, discuss as much as possible. Despite the heavy workload of classes, students read fiction, comment, memorize complex phrases, phraseological units, obsolete words, compare, discuss the author's ideas. Students noted that while reading books, they began to think, learned to analyze.

Of course, the level of understanding of fiction is different for everyone, but no one was indifferent. Within the framework of the event, they talked about the work of writers, and also gave detailed information about the literature available in the library fund of the university.