09.04.2021        4012

The University of world economy and diplomacy hosted a meeting devoted to the study of the lives of great ancestors, the promotion of their rich cultural heritage and thus the increase of knowledge and thinking of young people. The event was dedicated to the 685th anniversary of Amir Timur and discussed the life of the commander and head of state, the great man who built a centralized state on the land of ancient Movarounnahr in the XIV century and the composition "Timur's code".

Vice-Rector for Youth Affairs of the UWED Laziz Mingishov, and Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Rahmon Farmonov, spoke at the meeting and introduced the students to interesting information about our great ancestor.

Amir Timur’s just leadership lasted for 35 years. His kingdom covered a large area from India to the Zarafshan valley, from the Tien Shan to the Bosporus. The book "Timur's code", written by Timur on public administration, experience and teachings, has not lost its relevance to this day. Amir Timur’s diplomatic relations with other countries described in the play reflect the foreign policy of that period.