06.03.2021        2784

Good afternoon, dear sisters, all women professors and employees of our university!

First of all, on behalf of myself and the entire male staff of the university, I cordially congratulate you on March 8 - Women's Day, which symbolizes goodness and beauty, as well as women's emancipation, rights and freedoms, and equality!

Throughout history, women have been a symbol of beauty, sophistication, understanding, family harmony, happiness and tranquility. There are many examples from history that the intelligence, entrepreneurship, and sharp mind of a woman influenced not only families, but also the well-being and prospects of the entire state, nations. Unique poems, great landmarks and immortal works of art dedicated to women were not created in vain. They are a confession of the true holiness of a woman.

Today, the role and place of women in the development of our country is growing. From the first days of assuming the role of President, Shavkat Mirziyoyev expressed great hope and confidence in the participation and efforts of women of Uzbekistan in the development and prosperity of the country, especially in raising our children as mature and loving people. We should be proud of the state policy in the comprehensive support of women today, protection of motherhood and childhood, and ensuring the stability of the family.

Dear sisters!

On the occasion of the first spring holiday, I want to especially note the role of the charming, purposeful and experienced women of our university, you are given a special place in all spheres of university life - study, education and scientific life. Your hard work, as well as your achievements in the field of science, your active participation in public affairs, your exemplary qualities, and the respect you have gained among the staff and students of our university are invaluable.

Dear mothers, sisters, daughters!

Once again, I sincerely congratulate all of you on International Women's Day. I wish you to always be healthy for the happiness of your family, children, spouse and for our students!