23.02.2021        4557

The ideal citizen of a free country must have knowledge, moral character and spiritual maturity, as well as the ability to understand independence and defend these values. As part of the large-scale work on the spiritual development of the younger generation, on February 15, a group of students of the Faculty of International Relations visited the State Musical Theater of Uzbekistan named after Mukimi in accordance with the order of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on organization of collective visits of students of higher educational institutions to theaters, museums, museum-reserves and cinemas.

The performance aroused great interest among students, as it raised the most pressing problems of past generations and contemporaries - the creation and construction of a family, relationships between men and women, moral and cultural norms and the formation of positive human relations. In general, the plot of the play contains very deep educational and pedagogical aspects. We are confident that this will help students to better understand the path of development, goals and objectives of the new Uzbekistan.