21.12.2020        6201

The first of the five important initiatives put forward by the President of the Republic of  Uzbekistan on the basis of a new system of work in the social, spiritual and educational spheres, the creation of additional conditions for the education of young people is music, art and literature, the fourth is aimed at raising the morale of young people, the widespread promotion of reading among them, the organization of systematic work on literature. On December 19 at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, a meeting was held under the title "A vision of our national values, custom and history" with the member of the Republican Art Academy and the Union of Craftsmen of Uzbekistan, holder of the Dustlik award, writer, artist and potter Tokhirjon Khaidarov. The meeting was organized by the Faculty of International Relations.

During the meeting, the artist told students about his career in literature and art, his passion for ceramics, his first creative work and achievements, the process of creating historical trees, the idea of creating a pottery house-museum and personal library, and about the creative research being conducted with his students.. He told to the students, “If we are growing up in this place, then each of us must first of all serve this Motherland, admire our country, discover ourselves. No one will discover us, so we need to realize what we are capable of and show ourselves.” He encouraged the students that this was the duty of everyone and especially of young people. He also said, “I am determined not to go out into the world, but to attract the world to Uzbekistan, and to achieve this goal I have worked day and night, step by step.” In addition, the artist advised students to turn their attention to literature, art and reading. “A spiritually developed person will never be disadvantaged in any way,” said the artist.

At the end of the meeting, the artist advised to strengthen the love of reading, learn to think independently and form a broad outlook, justifying this by the fact that the listed qualities will help in creating a solid foundation in the path of life. He also expressed his best wishes.