05.12.2020        4172

On 4th December at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy held a round table devoted to questions of the enforcement decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures to further improve the system of prevention of offenses and fight against crime” from 14 March 2017, and the prevention of crime and delinquency among students.

At the meeting, Vice-rector of University of World Economy and Diplomacy L.U.Mingishev, the head of the police Department № 6 of the Department of internal Affairs of Mirzo-Ulugbek district, Lieutenant Colonel B.U.Tajimatov, inspector of Department of prevention, Lieutenant-Colonel R.T.Turgunov, as well as the students living in the dormitory of the University.

At the beginning of the meeting, Vice-rector L.Mingishev, making a speech, emphasized that the fight against crime has always been a serious and important task of the state, people would like to live in peace and harmony and develop where there is peace.

During the conversation, Lieutenant Colonel B. Tajimatov informed the students about the activities carried out in Mirzo-Ulugbek district to prevent crime and delinquency among young people and to combat the spread of narcotic drugs among them.

This was followed by a survey and discussion with students, as well as detailed answers to their questions.