01.12.2020        8504

The life and creative work of Abdullah Qadiriy (1894 - 1938) was devoted to a literary evening at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy. A.Qadiriy is the founder of the Uzbek novel, the author of the immortal works “Bygone Days” (1925), “Scorpion from the Altar” (1929), the story “Abid-Ketmen”, etc. All the participants in this meeting spoke about the significance of his literary work, the phenomenon of Qadyriy, as a writer, and as a historical person who fell under the repression of the authoritarian regime for his beliefs and loyalty to the people. Abdullah Qadiriy was rehabilitated in 1957. In 1990 the State Prize named after Abdullah Qadiriy was established. In 1994 he was posthumously awarded the "Mustakillik.

The event was attended by UWED students, teachers, scientists, artists, employees of the A. Qadiriy Memorial Museum and the A. Qadiriy House-Museum. The dialogue between young people and specialists, scientists was conducted in an online format, everyone who wished to express their thoughts and discoveries was connected to it, studying and getting in touch with the great creations of the famous Uzbek writer.

The moderator of the literary evening for fans of books and creativity of Qadiriy was the deputy dean of the Faculty of International Relations of the UWED Sayera Tillahodjaeva. In her speech, she noted the importance for young people of a deep study and understanding of the literary heritage of A. Kadiriy, this is a secret source of knowledge of the life Uzbek people in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In 2019, our country widely celebrated the 125th anniversary of the birth of Qadiriy.

Researcher of the A. Qadyriy Memorial Museum N.R. Tadzhieva spoke about the work they were doing, showed the halls and exhibits of the museum online, about the color design of the rooms, which made it possible to create a certain mood for a better perception of the topic and the story of a particular period of the writer's life. The speech of the grandson of the writer, director of the Qadiriy House-Museum - Khondamir Khibibullaevich Qodyriy was received with great interest. He spoke about the careful keeping in their family of memory, recollections, favorite activities, the peculiarities of working on the works of his great grandfather, the writer Abdullah Qadiriy. Member of the Writers' Union, poet, translator Davron Rajab, teacher of the Uzbek State Institute of Cults and Art R.K. Yusupova and others read excerpts from poetry, revealed the high significance of A. Qadiri's talent in reproducing characters, real events from the life of the Uzbek people. UWED professor F. Muminova made a presentation-report on journalistic skills of A. Qadyriy.

UWED Vice-Rector for Youth Affairs Laziz Utkirovich Mingishov in his speech noted the importance of this event and the need to establish creative cooperation with the teams of these museums, organize excursions for students to familiarize themselves with their new unique materials and exhibits.

During the literary evening-conversation, the UWED students showed a theatrical performance based on the novel by Abdullah Qadiri "Bygone Days ". Students M. Isroilova, A. Giesov, M. Khasanova, O. Abdurakhmonova, N. Saidova, M. Ilmidinova, Sh Jumaniyazova dressed in national clothes and tried to show the audience the main idea of the writer using the example of a small plot from this novel.

A creative evening of book lovers, scientists, specialists, researchers of Qadiri's creativity was held in the media center of the UWED Information Resource Center, and an exhibition of literary works of the great Uzbek writer, novelist, prose writer, publicist Abdulla Kadiri was also presented here.

Fatima Muminova,
professor, editor of the publishing department UWED.