30.11.2020        4358

From November 26 to 30, 2020, a psychological training for 1st year students of all faculties of the University was held in the dormitory of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy. The purpose of this psychological training was to study personal development, socio-psychological adaptation of students, as well as to prevent possible socio-psychological problems of 1st year students. Successful and complete learning is directly related to the student’s ability to adapt to the studying process. Adaptations to the life of the University, to its requirements, as well as implantation in new conditions are urgent tasks. During the training, a conversation was held on the topic “How to become a successful student?” The student’s attitude at the University, their motives for education, their attitude to themselves, and their relationships with their peers were discussed and analyzed. As a result of the psychological training, the levels of psychophysiological and socio-psychological adaptation, the correct distribution of energy for the daily academic load, as well as the ability of students to meet the norms and requirements of the University were determined. Students were given psychological attitudes, recommendations and directions for individual and general development.

Psychologist of the University: Mirzaliyeva Muhabbat Mahmadjonova