20.10.2020        4363

Everyone knows that October 21, 1989, the date of adoption of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On the state language". The high attention of the head of our state and serious efforts to restore the spiritual values of the Uzbek people have opened up new opportunities for promoting the state language, its deep study and development. A lot of work has been done under this law in recent years.

The next hour with tutors of the groups dedicated to the "The day of the state language" was held on October 17 at the Faculty of International Relations.

During the coaching hour, students made presentations on topics related to the history and development of the uzbek language. In particular, student Aziz Rajabov in his presentation "History of the origin and development of the Uzbek language" made a presentation about the main stages of the origin and formation of the Uzbek language as an integral part of the culture of the uzbek people. Oksana Frolova, a Russian student, also gave a presentation on "Modern Uzbek" in Uzbek.

"Taking care of the fate and future of our people, we must first of all protect our national values and customs, art, literature and, of course, our native language as the guarde. In short, we should consider our attitude to the state language as an attitude to our independence, and our loyalty and respect for it as loyalty and respect for the Motherland. This should be the rule of our life. And each of us should start this noble work with himself, his family and team,"- the head of state emphasizes.

Special attention paid to the development of the Navoi language contributes to strengthening its role and authority in the world. Today, the Uzbek language is known and studied in many countries of the world. Most foreign universities have special departments where foreign students learn the charm and beauty of not only the Uzbek language, but also our country, its history and modernity.

Deputy Dean of the Faculty of International Relations