24.02.2020        12362

By ensuring the implementation of the tasks in the State Youth Policy  Program: memorizing the great figures of our country by younger generations, increasing the knowledge about the life and work of great Uzbek literary figures Alisher Navoi and Babur; to increase their interest in literature, reading, as well as to broaden their outlook and thinking, the UWED Department of Uzbek and Russian languages organized the event dedicated to the birthdays of our great ancestors Mir Alisher Navoi and Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur on February 19.  The event was held under the motto "There are nowhere else rich history and great ancestors like in our country".

The event was attended by university professors and students and was opened by the Vice-Rector for Youth Affairs of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy Laziz Mingishov.  He spoke about the role of literature in the spiritual life of society, its immense good influence on the mind, spirit, and feelings of the person, and highly appreciated the good work done to improve the culture of reading in our country.  Particularly, he gave information about the great thinker of our nation, the author of many poems, the founder of the literary language about the life of Alisher Navoi and his immortal creative works.

 In her speech, the lecturer of the Department of Russian and Uzbek languages S.Yusupova noted that international professionals should deeply study the history, language, and life of our great thinkers, including great knowledge.

At the event, students competed in the activities of the poets.  The creativity of Navoi and Babur demonstrated their role in political and social life, as well as their heritage.

The group performed masterpieces of the life of these great figures, sang the fragments from the Navoi epics and skillfully performed them.  The image of Alisher Navoi and Babur and his sensitivity have inspired many nations, especially the Uzbek people, and his works of humanism, justice, intelligence, and improvement have been inherited for centuries. Each participant was assessed by judges.

The importance of the immortal legacy of our great ancestors, their role in the world culture, the mystery and magic of Navoi and Babur's works is not only a festive musical event but also intellectual contests.  The project, which was designed to encourage young people to learn about the heritage of our great ancestors, was successful.