19.12.2019        7355

On December 14, 2019, the University of World Economy and Diplomacy hosted the cross-cultural event "Say 'Yes' to Friendship!". The first-year students of UWED majoring in International Relations and International Law represented 7 countries which are Russia, Georgia, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Mexico and the USA. The Department of the English Language organized this event in the form of a project work. The event consisted of 4 parts: culture fair, presenting the country, the demonstration of a tradition and the performance of a national dance.

The guests of the event were Alexander Kipiani, the Envoy of the Embassy of Georgia to Uzbekistan,  George Botchorishvili, Adviser/Consul of Georgia to the Republic of Uzbekistan, Nino Manjgaladze, Administrative assistant at the Embassy of Georgia in the Republic of Uzbekistan, Dr. Feruz Akobirov, the English Language Programs Coordinator at the Embassy of the United States of America, Galina Melnikova, the first class newscaster of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The aim of the event was to raise cross-cultural awareness of students, to familiarize them with traditions of various nations, to encourage them to do some research about the values and customs of the countries they represent.

Each team of students had a unique way of presenting and captivated the audience with their talents and knowledge of culture and traditions. The team representing Turkey beautifully decorated their table with Turkish tea, pilaf, Turkish delight and dairy products. It was interesting to watch the Turkish tradition about the wedding day, Henna night and outstanding dance of the bride and bridegroom. The US team granted the audience with an opportunity to observe the best about the USA, including the arrival of Columbus, Thanksgiving Day and enjoy the famous song “We are the world” by Michael Jackson. The team representing Spain treated everyone to delicious pizza, unique beans, legumes, and gazpacho. The most interesting moment was the way they presented Corrida. The team of Georgia introduced the country in a unique way: the Georgians asked the tourist from Uzbekistan to join the wedding party. The participants mentioned diplomatic relations between Uzbekistan and Georgia. This magic show finished with lezginka dance with the audience. The team representing Russia showed an informative presentation about the country, its culture and tradition. They won the hearts of the audience with their subtle humor, colorful costumes and energizing dances. The team representing Mexico introduced the country in bright colors using creative ideas. The thing that everyone remembered was giving every team member a Mexican name. The dance of the team representing Mexico was well organized and could give the audience the spirit of that country.  The team of Germany amazed everyone with a great show. They brought the spirit of magic, fairy tale and New Year sharing joy and the feeling of festivity.

At the end, the sheer admiration for the winners, namely, the team representing Georgia, by all participants, symbolized the air of friendship, which was the primary purpose of the event. The event reached its aim: the spirit of friendship and teamwork was felt in the air and this spirit will surely be their companion in reaching common aims!