02.12.2019        9093

A book was always a cultural wealth, the symbol of wisdom for the whole humanity.

On November 30, 2019, a meeting was held dedicated to the topic: “The role of history, traditions and culture of reading in the education of the young generation”. Members of the republican union Women-scientists, the head of the “Grandmothers’ school” under the fund “Nuroniy”, the honored cultural figure of the Republic of Uzbekistan-N.Yunuskhojaeva, from the members of the Women’s Committee-candidate of medical sciences-R.Nazarova and L.Mukhammetkhanova took part in the event. All of them shared their experiences as well as their points of view regarding the formation of a sustainable worldview owing to reading books. Also, the honorable guests noted that reading books allows you to create an immunity opposing the negative external influence of the modern world. During the event, the theme of healthy lifestyle was also mentioned.

At the event, a lively conversation was held with the participants.

Professors as well as the teaching staff of the UWED and students at the Faculties of IR and IL participated in the meeting.