23.11.2019        9512

The Student House of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy hosted a creative evening of lovers of reading books, poems and poetic art. The initiator of this event was the Department of Social and Political Sciences. Representatives of this department are Doctor of Philology, Professor F.I. Muminova and Associate Professor, Doctor of Philosophy Faridun Sattarov shared with students their impressions of reading their favorite books, their impact on their worldview, and scientific creativity. The poetess Tursuna Rakhmatillaeva, a young poet who began her career, was invited to the poetry evening. She chose and is studying the profession of a journalist. From her manuscript poetic notebook Tursuna read her poems and surprised everyone with a cheerful perception of the world. Her poems glorified autumn, love for people, native land. In addition, Tursunoy read excerpts from the works of her favorite poets. Ugilshod Akhmelova, a student at the faculty of International Economic Relations, is also a lover of poetry and the art of reading. She reminded the audience of the rich heritage of the great Alisher Navoi, the Sultan of Uzbek poetry, with a feeling and unusual penetration. In her mouth, the lines of the great Alisher Navoi sounded inspirational and especially expressive.

Associate Professor F Sattarov, knowing six languages of the world, read verses by S. Sherazi, Oybek, Tyutchev and in English by Philip Larkin. The scientist gave some interesting examples from the history of modern diplomacy in connection with the poetry of Sherazi. This caused a discussion and poetic inspiration among the participants of the evening. Professor Fatima Muminova also connected to the oral co-creation of the young and read her favorite poems in Uzbek and Russian. This meeting allowed students to get to know each other and their mentor teachers better, their love of literature and books.