Spiritual and educational activities

Results of the UWED Spartakiad

On March 13 at the University of world economy and diplomacy a spartakid dedicated to the Navruz holiday started. The ceremony of awarding the winners of the Spartakiad took place on March 27.

Navruz celebrations at UWED

"Navruz" translated from Farsi means "New day". This is the holiday of the vernal equinox among the Persian-speaking and Turkic-speaking peoples, which marks the beginning of the new year.

Meeting on the theme "Youth against terrorism"

In order to combat religious extremism and terrorism, as well as to strengthen preventive measures aimed at identifying negative consequences, a meeting was held for the students of the Faculty of International Economics and Management of UWED on the topic: "We are against religious extremism and terrorism".

UWED Spartakiad will be held

In connection with our national holiday "Navruz" will be held UWED Spartakiad competitions in football, volleyball, basketball, chess and swimming.

Призваны себя проявить

Проводимая в Узбекистане политика дает возможность соотечественницам реализовать себя в разных сферах. Она направлена на обеспечение безусловного соблюдения прав и законных интересов женщин, гарантий их трудовых прав и поддержки предпринимательской деятельности.