30.09.2019 6546

On the 25th of September, 2019, a plenary meeting of he Sub-Comission on illicit drug trafficking in the Near and Middle East was held with the participation of youth representatives.

Young participants of the conference had the opportunity to express their position on the spread of drugs, as well as to offer their vision of solutions to the discussed issues. For instance, Sadoqat Ibodova, the second year student of the faculty of International Relations, noted the following in her statement: “We call upon the policymakers to prioritize the health and wellbeing of the youth, to protect them from the availability of harmful substances, and to oppose all exclusion and punishment, offering support and treatment instead. We do not think that drugs are harmless or fun. We understand the seriousness of the problem and we are willing to help. Therefore, we urge you:  listen to us, listen to our ideas, support us, and let us help you make the world a better place.”

 Country representatives emphasized that this problem should be solved directly with the participation of youth.