28.09.2019 6985

September 17, 2019 The delegation of the Federal Republic of Germany, consisting of the head of the Department for Leading Personnel of the Administration of the German Bundestag, Ms. Daniel Rosenthal, and the professor at the Humboldt University of Berlin, Mr. Michael Bogard, visited the UWED.

The guests met with the leadership of the University and teachers and students of the UWED. During the meeting, the presentation of the IPS Bundestag international scholarship program was held, which aroused great interest among our students.

After the presentation, German guests answered numerous questions from students. UMED students G. Saidmavlyanova, K. Khudaiberganova, H. Akhmedov and R. Karimov managed to demonstrate at the meeting not only excellent knowledge in German, but also their knowledge about Germany and international relations. Highly appreciating the linguistic and professional knowledge of our students, the guests expressed hope to meet further as part of the Bundestag scholarship program.

(For reference: IPS - the scholarship is aimed at talented young people from Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, France, Israel, North America, Arab countries and Central Asia, who will continue to be active in implementing democratic values ​​in their homeland. Currently, 44 countries are involved in this program, including the Republic of Uzbekistan. The five-month IPS scholarship program will continue from March 1 to July 31 of each year. Fellows will be attached to one of the deputies of the Bundestag, with whom there will be a three-month cooperation directly in his bureau. In addition, scholarship holders can attend lectures and seminars at universities in Berlin during the summer semester. Humboldt, Free and Technical University. To participate in scholarship programs, among other documents, a diploma of higher education is required, as well as a certificate of knowledge of the German language at level B2. The deadline for submitting documents is July 31).