26.09.2019 6516

The UWED was visited by a representative delegation of the International Mind Education Institute (IMEI) led by the Secretary-General, member of the Commission on Education of the Institute, prof. Cho Gyu Yeun.

The guests from South Korea held a high-level presentation of the IMEI project on the implementation of MIND education and attracting highly qualified experts to conduct trainings and train the faculty. The historical experience of South Korea in transforming it from a poor, agrarian country, destroyed by a civil war, into one of the thriving high-tech economies in the world was described in detail.

During the meeting, practical issues of further cooperation between IMEI and UWED were discussed.

For reference: Prof. Cho Gyu Yeun is an international educational expert, developer of innovative training programs for urban government officials in cities of the Republic of Korea, an international journalist at the Tomorrow MIND magazine, which educates young people and teaches critical thinking about life. He has received the awards of a qualified MIND lecturer from the Parliament of the Republic of Korea and the Youth Leader from the Association of Youth Organizations of the Republic of Korea.