18.05.2016 34735

Students, E.A. Kurtova (IR) on the French language, and R.N. Odilov (IR) on the German language, have gained the first places at the Republic Student  Science Contest . This contest was organized at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy and as a result, these students have passed to the second step.

The second step of science contest among students on the German language was held during 11-12th of May at Bukhara State University and on  the French language during 13-14th of May at Samarkand State University.

The second step of the  contest consisted of 4 rounds, according to the  results the first year student of IR E.A. Kurtova was awarded with the first degree diploma  French language, the fourth year student R.N. Odilov was awarded with  the second degree diploma on the German language.

We congratulate our winners, and are proud of them and wish them success.