20.05.2016 34068

On 18-19th may 2016, at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, by the department of “WE and IER”, the second stage of Republican Olympiad on the subjects of “World Economy and International Economic Relations” was held. Students who won the 1st stage of the Olympiad, from 16 higher educational institutions, participated in the republican Olympiad with their teachers. The republican Olympiad on the subject of “World Economy and International Economic Relations” consisted of four stages: written work, solving tasks, test and oral part. According to the results of the Olympiad, the 1st place was taken by the 4th year-student Nadjimov Azimbek,0-3a-12  fromthe University of world Economy and Diplomacy. the 3rd year student, Khusanov Davron from EE-13-01 Tashkent branch of Russian Oil and Gas University after I.M. Gubkin, took the 2nd place and the 3rd place was occupied by the 4th year student Muqimov Khasan Tashkent Higher Military-Technical College 261st  group. At the closing ceremony of the republican Olympiad winners and all participants were awarded with diplomas.