23.05.2019 12901

According to this decree, of May 21 2019, “On improving the procedure for determining the size of wages, pensions and other payments”, the following changes will be introduced on September 1, 2019 instead of the minimum wage:

  • the minimum wage, setting it in the amount of 577,170 soums;
  • basic estimated value of 202,730 soums;
  • the basic amount of the calculation of pensions in the amount of 202,730 soums.

Instead of the notion of “minimum wage” established on November 1, 2018, the basic amount of the minimum wage, basic calculation and calculation of pension were established.


1) Due to the smallest wage (577 170 soums) are established:

  • wage;
  • awards;
  • add;
  • fee;
  • compensation payments for additional work;
  • other types of incentive payments;
  • detention in the legislation;
  • families need social support;
  • The amount of unemployment benefits is determined.

a) the minimum wage:

The lowest wage rate is the monetary expression of the monthly rate for the first coefficient of the single tariff scale at a tariff ratio of 1.0.

2) The basic calculation is used to calculate the amount (202,730 soums).

taxes, fees, penalties, government fees and other utility fees;

size of patent, license and other payments for business activities, size of authorized and other funds (capital) of organizations, non-cash shares, value of other securities, book value of assets of legal entities, microlending and leasing, as well as a limited number of other financial and economic indicators.

Contract fees for university students are also based on basic calculations.

3) The basic amount of pension accrual (202,730 soums) is used to pay for labor, pay bills, additional expenses and compensation, as well as compensation for damage to employees.

All types of payments, subsidies, remuneration and other types of remuneration and remuneration for the minimum wage will be recalculated with the said payments in soms.

This Decree does not provide for an increase in salaries, pensions, scholarships, fines, payment contracts and other similar payments.

Indeed, reforms, establishing by the President Mirziyoyev, are carried out in a timely manner, taking into account current requirements, the gradual implementation of the tasks set in the program of presidential elections, as well as all efforts and reforms comply with international standards.

One of the priorities is the reorganization of legislative acts that meet the interests of our people in the economic, social, political and other areas that require changes and adjustments, based on current conditions.

Author: F. Tashev