22.04.2016 32146

In order to carry out the tasks set out in the plan of perspective events on further improvement of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy in the 2015-2016 academic years and familiarize students of the university with functions of  courts and law enforcement agencies, and to strengthen the students theoretical knowledge with practical examples, on April 21, 2016 year, a senior teacher of the higher educational courses at the General prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan candidate of legal sciences Pulatov Bakhtiyor Halilovic gave a lecture for the 3rd year students  of "International Law" faculty at the University of world economy and diplomacy, on the "prosecutor's supervision" course on theme "the powers of the prosecutor in judicial proceedings".

Case studies conducted in the course of the lecture helped to strengthen the theoretical knowledge of students.

Students also asked questions to which the candidate of jurisprudence Bakhtiyor Pulatov answered, reinforcing his arguments with life examples.

Then participants of the Master Class exchanged their ideas and views on the activities of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the cultural image of the modern prosecutor.

This Master Class on "the powers of the prosecutor in judicial proceedings" left a good impression on the students.