13.04.2019 5679

The purpose of the conference is to: Increase women's activism in society.

The basis, beauty of our lives, the future of our nation has become and remains a woman. Today, with their intelligence, knowledge and talent, enthusiasm and diligence, women are effectively performing such complex tasks - whether it is family housing, state and society governance, medicine, education, culture, science, farming and home-based business. Today, the world is amazed by women's knowledge, talent, intelligence, and creativity. It is difficult to imagine global issues such as self-awareness, raising a healthy person, creating a healthy lifestyle, ensuring the continuity of historical values, national traditions, and even democratizing the society without their participation. Therefore, the main purpose of the conference held today in collaboration with the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, Air Force Defense and Air Force Command, and the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan is focused on:

Demonstrating the role of women in the development of society. In particular, ensuring the implementation of laws aimed at the protection of motherhood and childhood and increasing the activity of women, who are dedicated, highly competent, creative, knowledgeable, skilled, protection of legal, social and cultural interests of women, considering ways of addressing the obstacles that hinder their activity. Resolving the issue of the employment of women, as well as the organization of their work and leisure activities, paying more attention to such issues.

Preparing girls to family life, as well as discussing the issues of organizing cultural events, conferences and forums, seminars, meetings, contests, exhibitions and sporting events aimed at educating the youth.

The speeches of the participants of the conference about “The role of UWED scientists in the training of diplomats”, “The role of the Soghlom Avlod Uchun Foundation in the development of civil society”, “The activities of the families of military servicemen in cooperation with public organizations”, “The spirituality of women in the development of Uzbekistan”, “The role of today’s women in society” and “Theoretical-legal bases for ensuring gender equality in public services” identified the content of the conference issues.