29.09.2018 21361

On September 28, 2018, the UWED hosted a round-table meeting on the topic “Social capital as a subject of interdisciplinary study”, organized within the framework of interdepartmental cooperation based on the agreement  between the departments “Economic Theory” and “Social and Political Sciences”.

The faculty of university departments, undergraduate and postgraduate students participated in the round table. Presentations were delievered by the professors of the department "Social and Political Sciences", Ph.D. Sultanova E.S., deputy of Oliy Majlis, professor of the department “Social and political sciences” K. Djuraev, head of  the department of "Economic Theory", Ph.D. Tashpulatova L.M., Assistant Professor of the Department “Economic Theory”, Ph.D. Djuraeva R.A. and others.

In the course of the round table, issues related to the origins and development of the concept of social capital, the role of social capital in ensuring economic growth, problems of measuring social capital, the impact of social capital on the international competitiveness of the country, the role of social capital in the implementation of the Action Strategy of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017- 2021 years, were discussed.

The round-table participants noted the relevance and high quality of the reports, as well as the need to continue further research in this area of study.