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On October 12, 2018 was organized "the round table" on the subject: "Uzbekistan – the UN: cooperation for the sake of the world and stability". The conference was held in cooperation by Committee on the international affairs and inter-parliamentary communications of Legislative chamber Oliy Mazhlis together with the University of world economy and diplomacy.

As it was noted, the UN set the prior directions of partnership among which the observance of peace policy and the international legal principles and norms are of high attention.

Uzbekistan values the importance of international relations with the UN that is considered as the rare subdivision dealing with the creation of opportunities for direct participation in the consideration of global and regional issues on the international agenda in global decision-making processes.

The main priorities of cooperation between Uzbekistan and the UN are the issues of combating modern threats, preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, solving environmental problems, overall support of social and economic development, protection and promotion of human rights.

The country’s extensive experience in ensuring security in this area constitutes the foundation of effective relations. The Republic of Uzbekistan, being a signatory to all 13 UN conventions on combating the terrorism, is actively putting forward initiatives aimed at consolidating the efforts of the world community in this field.

The event outlined the fact that Uzbekistan has become a signatory to more than 60 international UN documents in the field of human rights, including six core agreements, and at the moment is consistently fulfilling its international obligations and developing its own policy in this area.

Uzbekistan is actively involved in the implementation of UN programs to support the reconstruction of Afghanistan by means of the provision of elements of military infrastructures, opening the Uzbek-Afghan border bridge for the delivery of international humanitarian aid, assistance in the restoration of infrastructures and construction of various objects.
In the framework of mutual cooperation, the Division and the government of Uzbekistan, established the United Nations Development Program, which launched its activities in 1993, and since 1999 this Program has been implemented as a country cooperation program. The main objective of this cooperation is to provide support through technical assistance and advice on the implementation of short-term and medium-term priorities of social and economic development projects in Uzbekistan.

In the country there is a joint program of a number of UN enterprises, including the World Health Organization, UNESCO, the World Bank, the Food and Agriculture Organization, the Children's Fund, The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the Development Program, the Office on Drugs and Crime, HIV / AIDS. 

In the joint cooperation with these organizations, in the areas of strengthening state administration in Uzbekistan, environmental protection, agriculture, health, culture, science, education, energy, communications, etc. have been invested 434 million US dollars since 1993 only. In total there were implemented more than 440 projects have been. Nowadays, more than 70 projects are successfully operating.
It was noted that the United Nations Development Assistance Framework for 2016-2020 will be a new stage in relations between Uzbekistan and the UN, and will have a positive impact on the implementation of the priorities outlined in the Development Action Strategy of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021.