15.10.2018 10489

On 9 October of this year in the hotel “International Hotel Tashkent”, the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan held a round table on the theme “Social partnership issues in the implementation of youth policy in Uzbekistan” with the aim of further enhancing the effectiveness of youth policy in our country, developing legal awareness and legal literacy of young people, preventing crime among young people and also, ensuring a wide participation of the younger generation in the further democratization and modernization of the country, in the process of the formation of a civil society The main goal of the event was to support systemic democratic reforms in socio-economic, legal and political spheres aimed at creating a strong civil society, strengthening social partnership of officials responsible for educating young people with central authorities and local government bodies, and enhancing youth participation in reforms, increasing its legal culture, political and economic activity, defining plans for targeted cooperation with political parties for 2019 based on proposals and initiatives of youth. The Youth Union will cooperate with political parties in the following areas: on entrepreneurship issues - with UzLiDeP, on innovations and spiritual and educational issues - with the Democratic Party “Milly Tiklanish”, on social protection of youth - with the People’s Democratic Party, culture - with the social democratic party "Adolat".

Students of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy actively participated in the round-table discussions, putting questions and making proposals. The proposals made by students of this university - Khasanov Jamshid, Ortikboev Dzhasur and Shamsutdinov Javokhir were approved by the Chairman of the Central Council of the Youth Union K. Kuranbayev and instructions were given for their execution.

At the end of the event, First Deputy Adviser to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Chairman of the Central Council of the Youth Union K. Kuranbayev held an open dialogue with young people and expressed his views on eliminating the problems faced by them.

It was noted that the draft roadmap would be developed jointly with political parties based on the opinions and proposals put forward by young people.

The event was widely covered by the media, in particular, O'zbekiston 24, Yoshlar, UzReport, Sevimli TV channels, O'zbekiston 24 and Yoshlar radio channels, Internet sites and social networks.