07.06.2018 16599

On June 6, at the curatorial hour among students held a literary reading, dedicated to the great scientist Burhaniddin al-Marginoniy, who made a great contribution to the spiritual and religious development of the peoples of the world, the formation of legal scientific views. The non-existent legacy of al-Marginoniy has been reflected in “Al-Hidoya's” - "The Right Way" for eight centuries already, consisting of 57 books and being the legal source brought to perfection. Speakers noted the great contribution of Burhaniddin al-Marginoniy in the spread of the Fiqh school in Maweraunahr. Sitor Rahimova, a 4th-year student of the “International Law” Faculty, notified that the “Al-Hidoya” book has been included for many centuries as an important manual on the study of Hanafiah in the courses of teaching in madrassas of Muslim countries and Islamic universities. Bakhtiyor Madrakhimov, mentioned the date of birth and place of residence of the thinker. Sanzhar Norkuvvatov said that experts in the field of the doctrine of fiqhak reviewing “Al-Hidoya” gave more than 60 comments and references. Three-year students of the Faculty of  the “International Relations” Alisher Mirzazhalilov, Shukhrat Khamidov, Shahzod Maksudov, dwelled in detail on the fact that the works of the thinker set forth the facts about the mutual influence of the customs of the peoples of Central Asia with the teachings of Hanafi. The initiators of this event were the teacher of the "UNESCO and Human Rights" chair Vasiliya Artikova and the senior lecturer of the "SGN" department Aziza Usmanova. Employees of the Information and Resource Center of the University provided the necessary literature on the topic.