21.05.2018 14168

On the eve of the end of term UWED Training Center for Conference Interpreters  have staged it’s traditional 5 O’clock tea party. The party took place at the UWED cinema hall. TCCI students had a good chance to demonstrate their handicrafts, offer to all participants of the party their home made pastry and tea. Musical instruments and equipment provided by TCCI had been waiting for their turn on the stage. A big size drawing ironically depicting the job of interpreters was set near the stage of the hall.

Only few weeks ago on April  27.2018, the Center had conducted a great celebration of its 10th anniversary. Orators present at the event pointed out serious achievements TCCI was able to reach within this decade. Student-interpreters of TCCI UWED successfully functioned as consecutive and simultaneous interpreters at a big number of events at MFA,MFFT, Ministry of Culture, Agency on Intellectual property, Olympic Committee, they interpreted for many foreign VIPs who visited this country, worked at international conferences, various cultural events and business meetings. 

5 O’clock tea party program, as all the multifarious events of TCCI was conducted in the English language, and was full of funny sketches, competitions and various performances which triggered a lively reaction in the audience. However, the most vivid impressions at the party were made by the TCCI musical bands. Musical pieces and songs performed in folk, blue grass country and rock styles had stirred the best emotions of all people present at the party. It is believed that this party will help all the students to better concentrate on their preparation for the spring-summer examinations.